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The Time for A/C Replacement Never Better!


Replacing an A/C for most folks is a last resort after years of repeated band aids to keep the old system hanging on by the proverbial thread. But all those expensive repairs, usually unnecessary with a new system, add up fast. Plus today's cooling and heating systems are vastly superior to those of just a few years ago, and can easily save you big dollars over the long haul. For example:

• It wasn't too long ago that a typical system required some 6,000 watts of electricity per hour to cool an average sized home. Today, that same house can be cooled with as little as 1,700 or so watts per hour. That's an astounding 250% increase in operating efficiency, which translates to huge savings on your power bill.

• The refrigerant used today is free of chlorine that eats away the ozone layer as well as fragile components in your A/C. Plus, new systems are significantly quieter. They also often incorporate diagnostic ports that make them much easier to maintain and repair, which cuts down on the cost of professional repairs and maintenance.

•  And don't even get us started on the variable-speed technology that we covered in our previous issue. Imagine your system automatically increasing or decreasing fan speed by as little as 1/10th of 1% as the outside temperature fluctuates. Amazing, and at Adam's we regularly install and maintain such systems all the time. We can for you too. Just give us a call!

Update with a Wi-Fi Thermostat


While Wi-Fi-controlled thermostats may seem like a luxury or even a novelty, they actually make great practical sense. A Wi-Fi thermostat can not only save on power in the long run, but it can help avert big problems when you're away from your home, and all at a relatively inexpensive cost to purchase and install.

Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to monitor and control your A/C system remotely via any device with access to the Internet, be it a smart phone, lap top or tablet, etc. Because you can control your system remotely, if there's a sudden cold snap or warming wave while you're away on vacation, for example, or an intense increase in humidity, etc., bumping up or down the temp on your thermostat is as easy as Googling "Adam's A/C" on your laptop. Or perhaps your system kicks off because of a power flux or a float switch engaging while you're away for the holidays. With a Wi-Fi-controlled thermostat, you'll know about it and can address the situation accordingly.

Sound interesting? Give Adam's A/C a call and we'll explain your options. Depending on age and condition, most climate control systems can be retrofitted with a Wi-Fi-controlled thermostat quite quickly and cost-effectively.

Top Tips for Staying Cool that Don’t Involve A/C


We know, we know. If you hear "clean or change your A/C filter regularly" one more time, you're going to melt down. Not to worry, though. As important as the basic tips are for saving on your power bill and lengthening the life of your system, the following are spot-on too. They're just a little different than the usual suspects. Call them a "fresh breath of cool breeze" if you will:

• Just like your parents taught you to decide what you wanted from the refrigerator before opening it to keep the cold inside, don't keep the doors to your home or business open any longer than necessary to help keep the hot out. (Got kids? Then you know what we mean.) Treat the cool air inside your home like it's a valuable commodity trying to escape, because it is.

• When it comes time to landscape, select shade-providing trees and shrubs for the east-west facing sides of your home and around your outside unit (but not too close to avoid hampering air intake). In the market for shutters? Canopy designs can dramatically reduce the radiant effects of windows and glass block.

•  On the inside of those windows, the lighter the color of your blinds and the more opaque they are, the more reflective they are. And while we're on the subject of window blinds, use them. Close your blinds during peak hours. Bright sun-filled rooms are cheery, certainly. But they're also expensive to keep cool.

•  Also high on the list for your windows is low-emissivity, or low-e film, coatings. These thin metal window coatings allow the shortwave solar radiation (the light) to pass through, but block most of the long-wave thermal energy (the heat). Typically, low-e coatings are nearly invisible from the inside, but most brands tend to give windows a semi-mirrored appearance from the outside.

•  Lastly, we just want to reassure you that we're not going to restate what you've heard 1,000 times about changing or cleaning your filter at least monthly, and how even normal dust buildup on a filter can reduce efficiency by 1 % or more every week. We're not going to tell you to use ceiling fans when you're in the room instead of cranking down the thermostat. We're not going to mention dehumidifiers and how the humidity in your home might be the reason for your discomfort and not the air temperature. Programmable thermostats? Our lips are sealed. Variable-speed systems? Mum's the word and already mentioned in our lead story.

At Adam's Air Conditioning, we know you know this stuff and how important it truly is for maintaining the life of your system and keeping your power bills manageable. We know that you're on top of every last one of these usual suspects. So we're not even going to address them.

Ask Adam: Does Closing Room Vent Save Dollars?


Dear Adam,
Our only daughter is leaving for college in the fall. I'm wondering if there's a possible tiny bright side to this empty nest that my wife and I are facing. Her bedroom will still be hers until she graduates and fully moves out, but until then, I thought I'd close the A/C register in her room and shut the door while she's away in an effort to save a few dollars on our electric bill. But my wife says no, that she read that it's not the thing to do, contrary to popular belief.
Stephen Howell, Port Saint Lucie

Mr. Howell, Mrs. Howell is one smart lady. Although your concept does seem logical and I've heard lots of similar mentions over the years, it's not a good idea. Not only will shutting the vent into your daughter's bedroom for semester-long periods invite mold and mildew growth, but it will throw off the air balance of air circulation in the rest of your house. Typically, duct work is designed to work all together, and vents are calibrated to sustain certain air flow rates to maintain equal temperature throughout a home. If you close off one room, it throws everything out of balance. At the least, you could find one room frigid while another too warm. At the worst, you could create a mold infestation and cause damage to system components from the pressure imbalance.

Got a question for Adam? Shoot an email to Ask Adam and we'll get you an answer just as soon as possible and publish the more interesting topics right here and in Guide to Staying Cool, our online newsletter.

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